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Japaneseusedcars.com sponsored the D1NZ National Drift Championship Final at Pukekohe Raceway 11 November 2007.


Photos and report from this event below

Carl Ruiterman 2007 D1NZ Champion

Carl Ruiterman (above) won the 2007 D1NZ Championship

Japaneseusedcars.com D1NZ New Zealand Drifting Championship Final Qualifiers were

1 - Carl Ruiterman (no surprises there)
2 - Kyle Jackways (this man shreds)
3 - Darren MacDonald (fastest entries, awesome)
4 - Nick Teeboon (what can we say here...wicked)
5 - Tiger White (big effort from the south island team)
6 - Shaun Yearbury (climbing the ranks)
7 - Steve Sole (back from the dead, good to have him back)
8 - Aaron Bennett (all or nothing from this man)
9 - Takashi ...... (very impressive, very very fast)
10 - Curt Whittaker (one to watch for next year)
11 - Jason Sellers (good qual result for On the Limit)
12 - Gee Mutch (in his sons s13)
13 - Gaz Whiter (blew gearbox in qual)
14 - Fanga Dan (trying to qual low so to match up against Carl)
15 - Emile Stevenson (good result despite no practise)
16 - Brad Smith (car looking the part)


Top 16
Ruiterman def Brad Smith
Takashi def Bennett
Tiger def Gee
Gaz def Teeboon
Fanga def MacDonald
Yearbury def Sellers
Sole def Whittaker
Jackways def Stevenson


Top 8
Ruiterman def Takashi
Gaz def Tiger
Fanga def Yearbury
Jackways def Sole

D1NZ Drift Final

Bottom 4
Takashi def Tiger
Yearbury def Sole

Takashi def Yearbury
Sole def Tiger

Drifting NZ

Top 4
Gaz def Ruiterman
Fanga def Jackways

Ruiterman def Jackways
Gaz def Fanga

NZ Professional Drifting

End Result for Round 6
1 - Gaz
2 - Fanga
3 - Ruiterman
4 - Jackways
5 - Takashi
6 - Yearbury
7 - Sole
8 - Tiger
9 - MacDonald
10 - Teeboon
11 - Bennett
12 - Whittaker
13 - Sellers
14 - Gee Mutch
15 - Stevenson
16 - Brad Smith

NZ drift cars

End Result for the 2007 JapaneseUsedCars.com / D1NZ New Zealand Drifting Championship

1st - Carl Ruiterman
2nd - Gaz Whiter
3rd - Nick Teeboon
4th - Fanga Dan Woolhouse
5th - Tiger White
6th - Darren MacDonald
7th - Shaun Yearbury
8th - Mad Mike Whidditt
9th - Gee Mutch
10th - Curt Whittaker
11th - Kyle Jackways
12th - JT Wharerau
13th - Emile Stevenson
14th - Francis Aro
15th - Aaron Bennett
16th - Adam Richards
17th - Jamie Blair
18th - Steve Sole
19th - Will Cook
20th - Mike Turley


Congratulations to all and we look forward to the start of the 08 season in January!

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